Rooted - Young Adult Fellowship

High School graduates through early 20’s

Teachers - Chris and Megan Mise

Peer pressure is strong. Young people have challenges and struggles that can only

be answered from God’s Word. You need direction and wisdom as well as friends that help and strengthen you along the way. You need influences that encourage purity rather than robbing it. This class will discuss everyday life situations and teach you to talk to and approach people about salvation.


Adult Men and Women

Teacher - Mike Zimmerman

Our purpose is to study Biblical Precepts through an interactive exchange.  Questions and comments are encouraged during the class time.  We tackle the complex and "tough" questions and teachings and our goal is to apply the Biblical teaching to CONTEMPORARY problems and events in our daily lives in the world.  1 Peter 3:15

Men of the Good Way


Teacher - Alan Connor

The world is in great need of godly men. Single, married, young or old, you will find strength and encouragement in this class. It will teach Bible principles in your walk to be a godly leader.


Senior Couples

Teacher - Mark Hinson

Beginning in Genesis and continuing through Revelations, this class delves into the essence of the bible. These devoted Christians seek to discover the deeper meanings of the Word of God and how our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ intended for His teachings to apply to our daily lives. Our gathering of believers exemplifies the Lord's command to love one another.

Prayer Warriors

Senior Ladies

Teacher - Susie Shook

You will be encouraged spiritually, meet new friends, enjoyable activities and receive loving care as you continue to grow in your faith. The Prayer Warriors enjoy meeting once a month for breakfast to plan and minister to the needs of the church family along with fun themes to continue their walk with the Lord. This group of ladies provides a wonderful place to serve and encourage younger Christian women and furnish a source of spiritual strengthening.

Family Builders

Married Couples

Teachers - Allen Ramsey and David Clark

Building a strong marriage doesn’t happen by accident or default. Even as a well-built house must first have carefully designed plans, a strong marriage can only be the product of the blueprint of the Bible, the foundation of Jesus Christ, and the daily guiding hand of God’s Holy Spirit. This class will teach the proven Bible principles for making your marriage a life-long and joyful relationship.

Seasoned Saints

Adult Men and Women

Teacher Michael Younce

This class is for the new believer learning the most important truths they can know from God's word.  The new Christian will begin to learn the basics of the faith and lifestyle. One of the most important things you can do with a new believer is read the Bible with them–teaching them how to read, understand, respond to, rejoice in and apply God’s Word.